LittleHouse Consulting - Based in Oakland, Maryland
LittleHouse Consulting
227 Upper Penn Point Drive
Oakland, MD 21550

LittleHouse Consulting is the little company with the BIG experience. We are a small team of IT professionals who put their extensive experience to use to assist our clients make the most out of their ERP and technology investments.

Get exactly what you want with our custom programs, workflows, reports, training and system administration.
Our mission is to help you get the most out of your existing software, and we will do so by working with you to understand your objectives, resources, timelines and financial commitments.

Build a relationship with LittleHouse Consulting and get peace of mind.
All of our clients have come to trust us with their IT and computer needs. Contact Us with your needs and we'll help keep you on top of the ever changing world of computers and information technology.